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  1. Absolute tobacco control lies! They have never demonstrated a causal link for lung cancer from smoking. In addition, numerous studies (including the largest and most robust) have discounted links between second hand smoke and disease. Heart disease was ruled out in the Whitehall studies, and the ‘heart attack miracle’ studies have been repeatedly exposed as falsehoods.

    Tobacco control manipulates studies, cherry picks data to support their prohibitionist goals, fails to control for biases, and when all else fails just ‘makes stuff up’. Tobacco control is a grift not a scientific enterprise. power and profit are their motives, persecution and control their goals.

    Tobacco control lies must be exposed.

    • Indeed. It’s all complete junk and it’s spreading out and infesting the world. I’m still astounded at what people will believe. The idea of ‘third hand smoke’ came up a few years ago and it was rubbished, but it’s been making a comeback this year because people have been indoctrinated a little more and are now willing to believe it

  2. Excellent, thought-provoking piece that turns the current prevailing narrative on its head and raises many important questions about the causes of lung cancer in particular. It must be pointed out again and again that tobacco control itself has become a very powerful lobby and force with its own interest in self-preservation.

    • Thanks. Tobacco control really does only exist for it’s own self interest. I think the common saying now is, “It’s not about health”, which is very true

  3. Emily, so good to see you here! Hello to you. You’ve raised an interesting question: self-sustainance of the TC lobby. Maybe so. I, though, call it a medical lobby, corrupting the very essence of medical profession (Frank’s idea), turning that profession into a huge, inhuman, lying money-making machine. As for these zealots who were burning witches in older times and are fighting tobacco “evil” today, they would be nothing unless being hired by the medical lobby. How about that?

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