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  1. I appreciate your analysis. I would add, however, that it is likely not necessary to create a majority. I think using your military analogies, it is more a situation of concentrating mass through maneuver. Consider the research on ‘tipping points’ something epidemiologists well understand and have marshaled to gain political advantage.

    A new study from the University of Pennsylvania reported at Science Daily found: “that when 25 percent of people in a group adopt a new social norm, it creates a tipping point where the entire group follows suit. This shows the direct causal effect of the size of a committed minority on its capacity to create social change.” From “Tipping point for large-scale social change.” Science Daily. 7 June 2018 at https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/06/180607141009.htm

    That is why ASH’s ‘confidence trick’ worked. They manipulated the ‘tipping point’. There wasn’t really a majority is support just enough people to shift perceptions. That is much easier than building a majority.

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