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  1. I really like the idea of partnering with other organizations that are firmly established and have a broad reach. This could amplify our voice, and they may have ideas for greater action. The Cato Institute and Reason magazine come to mind. In particular we could reach out to Jacob Sullum, who has been beating this drum for two decades.

  2. Some good thoughts and arguments there. If it helps, you could approach the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and FOREST groups in the UK and EU. You are correct in that talking is not enough as you cannot reason with zealots.

  3. Political action to confront tobacco control and expose their lies is essential.

    It’s time to stop the persecution of smokers, reverse smoking bans, and restore tolerance.

  4. Absolutely spot on. We’ve sat back and put up with everything the powers-that-be have thrown at us for years, dutifully doing everything they’ve insisted we do, and yet it’s still not enough. I actually think it’s a good thing that the tobacco companies wouldn’t lift a finger to help, because it prevents accusations of being swayed by the need for funding – something which, good though the work that Forest does on our behalf is – is always a weak point which the antis don’t hesitate to strike whenever they’re in a corner (although it’s never pointed out that they themselves are heavily funded by the manufacturers of NRT – no bias there, then, eh?). As well as some of the suggestions outlined above, there are many commenters on various blogs who I am sure are (now) angry enough to want to actually DO something about the unfairness and lack of representation. Vinny, above, and Pat Nurse spring to mind, and there are, I am sure, many others who would be more than prepared to take part in a genuinely grass-roots action. That is, let’s not forget, how the antis first started out all those years ago – and if it worked for them ….

  5. Ten years ago, TICAP was a promising attempt to bring smoker’s groups together. Unfortunenately, this organisation has fallen asleep. And the number of these national and regional organizations was and is small. With this blog, Netzwerk Rauchen (which was involved in TICAP and is still a member) tries to increase consciousness for developments all around the globe and hopes to establish a network of interested invididuals and groups – as a prerequisite for any steps to follow.

    As for the tobacco manufacturers (and related businesses), it is important to note that organizations like Netzwerk Rauchen are not beggars for their money. Neither the interests of smokers nor the sake of liberty are identical with the interests of tobacco companies, sometimes quite to the contrary. That means, that Big Tobacco funded groups (including Forest in the UK) do not have the same intentions as independant groups like ours – or as outlined by Dmitry.

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