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  1. “The creeping anti-tobacco campaign it totally immoral and intolerable. It murders societies and makes people hate each other. It has to be left behind, just like the Prohibition and eugenic disasters before it.”

    Precisely. The anti-smoking diatribes are not new. They are but another manifestation of cultural ‘elites’ attempting to bend the common people to their will, based on the elites’ self-ascribed moral authority.

    Oh, and let’s add another phenomenon to your list: the hysteria known as ‘climate change.’
    It was originally described as anthropogenic global warming, but its adherents have been forced to relabel it for a very simple reason: THERE HAS BEEN NO WARMING. No matter, to the alarmists of AGM. It is all about controlling the ‘narrative’, which is all that matters to these post-modernists, for whom objective facts do not exist.

    It’s the same for anti-smoking and for everything else you listed. Until it is more widely acknowledged that objective fact is unassailable, and that individual sovereignty must be respected above all else, we will continue to experience this persecution. And this acknowledgement must begin with those persecuted, who must rise up against the effete self-styled intellectuals who have deemed themselves the arbiters of proper behavior. As I have noted previously, I believe this is already underway, with the vote for Brexit and the election of Trump. I am optimistic that the pendulum is beginning to swing in the right direction.

  2. Let’s hope the antismoking movement is about to disintegrate. Their legacy of lies and persecution of smokers has levied an extreme social cost. But, while there are some examples of pushback (Austria for example) the call for increased bans and punitive taxes increases. Every day another city, hospital, or university enacts new outdoor smoking bans. The cumulative effect of these bans is to denormalise smokers…

    Active resistance and political opposition to new smoking bans and calls to roll back indoors smoking bans and punitive tobacco taxes are needed now.

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