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Can Russia save the world from anti-smoking pestilence? (3/3) — 2 Comments

  1. Antismoking was eradicated in use once before. Lenin’s extreme antismoking led to Bolshevik antismoking campaigns but these were ultimately rejected. Perhaps Russia can again extinguish the antismoking monster?

    Check out: Starks, TA, A Revolutionary Attack on Tobacco: Bolshevik Antismoking Campaigns in the 1920s. Am J Public Health. 2017 November; 107(11): 1711–1717. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2017.304048

  2. You wrote: “You can corrupt and terrorize the societies from within, by shattering them with mass migration killing whole states, by pitting women against men, smokers against non-smokers… and blocking most of the ways for people even to speak out against what they hate.”

    This is a pithy summary of the nexus of the crisis: Cultural Marxism. You do not label it as such, although I have no doubt you are familiar with the concept. In fact your entire post lays out a series of things CM has done to Western society. The objective is power, the strategy is social transformation, and the results stark.

    This Youtube clip provides a concise summary of Cultural Marxism:

    If and when I post on my own, I will take on very similar themes.

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