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Will They Ban Smoking In The Smoky Drinky Bar? — 1 Comment

  1. They will try and ban smoking in every venue they can. They are trying to ban smoking in films (and censoring historical images of smoking) in many nations (so far not the US where the First Amendment precludes that–for now).

    When they can’t get government to ban smoking on screen they seek corporate intervention (as in the case of Disney Company banning smoking in their films).

    In addition, they can try and block access to the ‘virtual’ spaces form the physical access points: for example, you can’t access an online forum from your home if you live in public housing due to recent bans, you can’t access online forms from internet cafes, pubs, or libraries as those indoor spaces have been deemed ‘smoke-free’.

    The totalitarians will seek their ‘smoke’ and ‘freedom-free’ utopia at all costs. Tobacco control must be destroyed!

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