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Wounded Nation: Smoking Bans in Malaysia — 1 Comment

  1. I understand your feeling that it isn’t your place to dive in and tell Malaysian smokers how they should react to the invasion of anti-smokers to their land, but if you go there a lot (and it sounds like you do), do you not have Malaysian friends who may be upset by the ban who you could send a copy of this post to, just as a friend? As you point out, the damage caused by smoking bans is very great indeed – to communities, to business, to families, to friendships, to the economy. People think of them as “just about smoking,” but their negative effects ripple out to much, much wider areas. If we in the UK had organised ourselves as well as you suggest the Malaysians could now do, we would be living in a much better, more profitable, more tolerant and more friendly society than we now are. Even the health effects of smoking are now starting to show themselves as being, at best, a huge exaggeration, with recent reports stating that lung cancer in never-smokers is likely to overtake lung cancer in smokers within the next few years. A Malaysia-based smokers’ organisation could use such information with much force, being as bans are almost always brought in under the guise of “health benefits.” Honestly, I think that Malaysian (and Asian) smokers would welcome, rather than reject, your excellent suggestions. I only wish that we in the UK had had such a list in the long run-up to our own divisive and spiteful ban! Smokers are now so exiled in so many of their own countries (as we are in the UK) that smokers themselves are almost a separate community – but one which spans the whole world. And as such, you are a member of that community, and therefore it is absolutely OK, in my view, for you to offer other smokers the benefit of your own (and our) experiences of smoking bans.

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